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Instead of scrolling down the list of all the shows has to offer, you will have a chance to use many filters which will help you create a custom list of live XXX cams that are precisely what you want. Not only can you choose the age of a girl, but you can also choose her ethnicity and so much more!

Imagine being in the mood for live sex cams where girls can't stop sucking on hard cocks. Most of the time, you would have to scroll through the list of couples cams and hope you find a show that offers what you need right away. Well, the good news is that you can skip all that by selecting just one filter that will create a custom list of shows that have blowjobs primarily but other things as well.

The list of activities is longer than you can imagine, meaning you can't think of a thing that one of these models isn't willing to do. All you need to do is make up your mind on what you want to see and put a few filters in place. You can leave the rest to models because they know what to do to make your day better in a matter of minutes because you won't need more time to get satisfied!

Gay Fetishes that Will Fuck Your Mind

People who think kink and fetishes are the cup of tea for straights and lesbo only, it's time to slap on your own face, so that you can wake up and see the real kinky gay adventure. Unlike, straight and lesbo porn, gay porns are not so mainstream yet. Although there are particular sites available for gay porn only, like Gayroom, XVideos Red Gay and GayWire etc. 

Now it's time to realize that gay sex is much more than just pegging. There are intense foreplay, kinks and fetishes that will blow your mind. Even straight guys like seeing women giving pleasure to each other, but that's not the scenario for gay porn yet. So, let's explore thepornblender!


Bondage-Dominance-Sadism-Masochism. In every sexual play, let it be the passionate lovemaking, one is dominant, while the other one is playing the role of submissive. Irrespective of genders, the dom-sub act can be brutal and intense at the same time. A sadist is the one who gets sexual arousal by torturing and giving pain to their partner while a masochist is the counterpart of a sadist. Being tortured and having pain from their partner, makes a masochist horny.  BDSM is supposed to be rough, but it’s not brutal or harmful, since there are certain rules, limits and safewords. In the gay community, BDSM is a popular sexual practice.


Fist fucking or fisting is a kinky practice, in which the dom slowly stretches the butthole of the sub wide open and fingers until the whole hand is inserted. It’s not particularly a gay fetish but the most popular one among gays. And with practice, an expert dom can insert to his elbow or do even double fists. Beginners start with dildo and sex toys since fisting is an extremely skilled sexual act. If done correctly, fist fucking can give you the most erotic and mind-fucking orgasm. But if things go wrong, it might lead to severe injuries. 


Electric stimulation is another kinky gay fetish, where the pleasure is enhanced with a minimal electric shock. However, e-stim is not for novices. 

Piss play

Piss play involves urinating on the sub while the sub enjoys drinking the pee. Pee fetish is quite common among all gender’s sexual plays. 


Flogging is a popular sadist practice, where the sub is beaten up with a flogger. The torture gives the dom satisfaction, while the sub gets pleasure through pain.

Cock & Balls Torture

Cock and balls torture includes ball bashing and ball stretching. It may sound like hitting the balls with paddles or other blunt objects and this is exactly what it is. E-stim is also used for cock torture. However, CBT is rough and erotic, yet pleasurable.

If you belong to the queer community or have a great fetish for kinky gay sex, you can visit gaypornmenu for good quality gay porn. Like straight sex, the sexual arena for gay people is too vast. It's impossible to summarize all types of kinks, fetishes and sensuality in a single view. However, once you start exploring it, you can’t go back. 'Cause, it's so awesome!

How to Hook Up a Cougar: 5 Tips Guide

The idea of dating an older woman is not a new one. The term “cougar” was coined more than 20 years ago, so the idea has been around for a long time. However, many questions remain, like why younger men often prefer to date mature women, why these ladies are becoming even more attractive with age, and how to find a cougar to date if you are one of the admirers of their beauty.

Why Men Choose to Hook Up and Date Older Women

There are many reasons why younger men find cougars attractive. One of these reasons is that they want to date someone who can provide them with more experience in life than their peers. They want someone who has a sense of adventure and can teach them new things, including when it comes to sex. 

The tendency has grown to the point that the whole dedicated dating platforms were created, making it easy for cougars looking to fuck to find a young cub seeking some hot fun. It’s not a surprise that these stunning ladies prefer hunting online. Using dedicated dating outlets lets them scroll profiles of available younger men at any time and place, whenever they want. So if you think it is men who choose to date an older woman, you are wrong. They are the hunter here (which is even better)!

Cougar Dating Tips for Men Seeking Hookups

The word “cougar” was coined in the 1990s when a woman named Margot Kidder was cast as Superman’s love interest, Lois Lane, for the 1978 film “Superman.” Kidder is a natural blonde with green eyes and is about six years older than Christopher Reeve, who played Superman. The term has been later popularized by TV shows such as Cougar Town and Sex and the City, as well with CNC PORN. So it is no wonder why dating these women became so widespread.

But how to treat cougars to win an unforgettable hookup? Here are our 5 best tips to impress the older woman of your dreams.

  1. Make use of online dating and other dedicated platforms. When seeking a cougar ready to hook up, it’s important to choose a place full of women seeking exactly the same to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Using dedicated outlets lets you arrange steamy encounters with ladies who want to have sex, not build a family.

  2. Don’t act too needy. Cougars do love men who eagerly show appreciation, but you don’t want to act like a teenager, desperately asking for sex. Show your interest, but act with confidence.

  3. Don’t talk too much about the age gap. You both know why you chose each other, but talking about it every time will make her feel like it’s the only attraction she has.

  4. Instead, encourage her confidence. Make compliments, tell how gorgeous she is, worship her body, admire intelligence, and your woman will pay you back with lots of affection, passion, and appreciation.

  5. When having sex, don’t make it all about yourself. If you came to hook up with a gorgeous cougar, let her know that you are ready to make her feel good. Have a conversation beforehand to discover what she likes best when it comes to sex or do a small research on how older women usually act in bed.

Dating older women in today’s world is a pretty widespread phenomenon, so there’s no more need to hide! Go there, use our tips, and arrange a hookup with the cougar of your dreams.

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There can be nothing as awesome as fapping by watching erotically sexy content. No matter if you wish to watch a public or private sex cam, Lemoncams is here to make all your sexual fantasies materialize into reality. Watching the hot babes who love to keep their pussy stuffed with dildos is a horny sight by itself. The big boobs of the naked girls at Lemoncams are sure to steal all your boredom from life. XXX Video Live cams are just awaiting you for exploration! Keep reading this article till the end to know how fantastic a website the world of Lemoncams is.

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MyFreeCams Site Review

MyFreeCams Site Review

MyFreeCams site is one of the most active and popular porn cam sites on the internet today. The site has been in continuous use for 17 years, making it the longest-running cam site.

With such a long working time, naturally, MyFreeCams has built up quite a user base over the years. The site has over 200,000 models, and around 20,000,000 registered users. There are about 1400 active models online on this site at all times.

First Impression

The layout of the homepage of MyFreeCams is not very beautiful. Instead of having a real-time preview of the live cam, the thumbnails on the front page have only the model's profile pictures.

The homepage is really customizable. You can change it to a live preview Or whatever way you like.

You will see that the MyFreeCams site is a women's paradise. There are almost zero% men on the whole site, so this site is perfect for anyone who searches for hot women.

What is the feature of MyFreeCams?

Users interacting with the MyFreeCams site may not pay any fees unless you are in for a paid service Or video.

On average, MyFreeCams offers more free chat as compared to the other sites, they even have live mature cams. Keep in mind that not all chats are completely free. You need tokens to use some premium features. To keep the group together, it requires a minimum of three members.

Chat option: Their Private Chat costs a bit more than a standard chat, as standard chat can be viewed by other users. With the standard chat, your sessions are limited to the models. Once you upgrade, other members cannot view your chats and even your session time extends.

Spy Chat: The site also has a spy chat option where you can watch other people's private sessions. You will see the models in front of the camera and chats going on with their clients.

The prices of all these features are fixed. As with some sites, prices are not left to the discretion of the model. Therefore, you will already know on this site how much you will have to spend in advance to take advantage of all the features.

However, in free cam chat, you can tip models on their performances.

Pricing and Membership

There are two plans available on MyFreeCams for the subscriptions, one is Basic and the other is Premium.

Basic membership is the standard subscription that you get immediately after signing up. In the basic plan, you get free chat and private messaging features with specific models.

A premium membership in Myfreecams works very differently compared to other sites. In this, once you buy your first token, you will be given premium membership status for a lifetime.

There is no monthly fee charged once the token is taken. Afterward you only have to buy cost tokens based on your needs.

By subscribing to a premium, you join a reward program that provides you with additional tokens.

  • 200 credits for $19.99

  • 500 credits for $49.99

  • 900 credits for $79.99

How to Find the Hottest Girls for Live Sex

The adult entertainment industry has quite a lot to offer nowadays, from stunning porn stars that shoot some incredible content to platforms like OnlyFans, and of course, cam girls. And for many, cam girls offer the perfect experience, because they’re engaging and relaxed, unlike scripted videos or posts that don’t always have personality. Live sex is always a better choice than a scripted experience.

That being said, a quick search will show you that there are literally thousands of models to choose from, and picking the right girls and sites isn’t all that easy. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of time to waste on models that aren’t worth it, and would instead want to watch content that you’ll really enjoy.

To make things easier, here are a few tips that should get you started – we’ll talk about how to filter through all the cam sites out there and pick the hottest girls so you can enjoy live sex!

Pick the Type of Site

The first thing to decide on is what kind of cam site you want to watch, in terms of payment. There are two options here, free sites that make use of tokens, and pay-per-minute sites. Both have their pros and cons.

Most people prefer free sites when it comes to the financial aspect because you can choose whether or not you want to spend any money when you’re watching the models. The token aspect of it is basically all about tips, and when you’re watching a model, you can choose to buy tokens that you can then use to tip the models. It’s not required, but it’s a nice gesture. And of course, if you want any of the models to do a thing or two you want, such as any particular requests or desires, you will need to use those tokens.

The other option is the pay-per-minute sites, which are not just more expensive but also can reach exorbitant amounts really quickly. It’s very self-explanatory – you pay for every minute you watch. The benefit here is that you don’t have to tip to get the models to do things you like to watch, and getting into a private room is a lot easier. And while we’re at it …


Do You Want a Private Room?

This also impacts the websites you’ll be able to choose from, but a private room can turn a “just hot” stream into an unforgettable experience you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Of course, this does depend on the model you’re watching, but most of the ones that offer a private room experience are more than worth it.

That being said, private rooms are either pay-per-minute or require a hefty token tip upfront, so they might not be the best option for everyone, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Our suggestion would be to first check out the model’s free stream and if you find that you like them, you can check out their private room.


Let’s Talk Fetishes

It’s a topic not a lot of people are open about, but being open about your fetishes can help you find the hottest live sex streams a lot more quickly. Not only are there webcam sites that are specifically made for certain fetishes, but you can also find models that only do fetish-oriented streams.

Of course, to do this you will first need to know what turns you on – whether it’s BDSM or something completely else, and searching for such models will significantly narrow down the number of options you have, which makes it a lot easier.


Set Some Time Aside

Last but not least, there’s the issue of time zones and the fact that not all models are available all the time. They do need to get some sleep, too, so most of them actually give you a schedule that shows you exactly when they’ll be online.

When searching for the hottest girls out there, you’ll definitely need to spend a bit of time watching a few streams, and you probably won’t like all of them – but that’s how things go. This is why the schedules are important because if you follow them, it’ll only take you about a week or two to filter out the models you aren’t that much of a fan of and be left with the hottest cam girls that you love to watch.


At the end of the day, while there are some incredibly hot models out there, it’s still a thing of individual taste – what one person likes another might not, which is why even if you were to filter out some of the models, you’ll still need to spend some times watching streams before you’re set on the ones you want to add to your schedule. But once you’ve found them, you’ll be surprised at the pleasure you’re looking at.